My first novel is called The Seven Devils.
After nearly being drowned by her alcoholic father, 17-year-old Ellen, her mother, and her brother move across the state to start over. Ellen soon meets Neil, a gorgeous loner with a bad reputation. Her classmates warn her to stay away, but he seems to be the only one who understands her. Besides, the rumors about Neil are too far-fetched to be believed. When she is threatened by Derrick (a jealous classmate) it becomes clear that there is more to Neil than meets the eye. In this sexy page turner, Ellen must discover Neil's dark secrets and learn to stand up for herself before the plot hatched against her unfolds. Contains sexual content, language, and violence. This book is recommended for ages 17 and up.
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A sequel to The Seven Devils is presently in the works. I currently estimate it will be published in late 2013. Check back often (and read my blog) for updates!

Also keep your eyes peeled for a book of short stories coming soon!